silentwolf59 (silentwolf59) wrote in colofurs,

Passing through Denver August 14th

Hello everyone,

My name is Silent Wolf, and I will be moving to Seattle, WA in just a few weeks. I am posting here today to see if anyone is interested in either offering up crash space, or maybe meeting up for food or drinks when I pass through Denver.

I will only be spending one night in Denver as I pass through on my trip. If anyone is willing to offer up crash space for a clean, and responsible wolf, I will happily pay for dinner or the like for the trouble.

And on the converse, if no one wants to offer crash space, I will be getting a hotel in downtown Denver for the night, and I am interested in checking out the city that night, likely with dinner and then a bar. So if anyone might be interested in meeting up for a few drinks, and maybe showing me around or just hanging out, I would be interested.

If you can offer crash space or want to hang out, please feel free to contact me through any of the means below:

AIM: predator99c
YIM: silentwulf59
or LJ note.

Thanks for looking, and have a cool summer!
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