sooprazn (sooprazn) wrote in colofurs,

Rocky Mountain Fur Convention

Hiya-all, Super-Asian (or Soup Rasin...or G.F.D. if you read my crap) here again. Just making a quick post to see how many of yall are going, or planning on going to RMFC?
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I'm planning on going. Also planning on getting a dealer's table there :)
No. And I can tell you of about a dozen more "local" furs not going.
Aw, you make it sound like a bad thing. Why's RMFC bad?
You must be new here.

I've sent you an answer away from this list.
*interrupts comments*

Wait, what am I missing? Can I please have the same answer as to why they aren't going? (Poor rabbit would like to know before spending precious money :D)


8 years ago


8 years ago


I was gonna get a table but some junk happened and now i won't be ready for it. D:
Damn, I wont be a dealer. But just kinda hanging out. See if anybody has read my stuff...
I'm going!
I'm probably going (pre-registration payment went thru and everything, but so far it looks like i'm commuting) So, unless something goes Murphy on me i'm all set to go.
My bf and I are planning, but it doesn't mean we will actually go. Long, complicated story has unwilling writer. ;)
Tell him i'm a writer on ChakatsDen and we can trade stories ;)
Heh, I meant I'm too lazy to write why we can't go. ;)
Edit: might not go. Oops.
I'm definitely going! It will be my first con, so I'm pretty excited. But it appears that I'm missing some detail as to why everyone isn't going...
Hey. this is gonna be my first con too. But i'm still going.