anya_silverfur (anya_silverfur) wrote in colofurs,

RMRP Auction Donations

Calling all artists, crafters, and anyone who wants to help birds of prey!

I volunteer with the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program. For the past few years, they have held a Gala Auction, as a fundraiser. (This link is about last year's Auction, as information is not posted for this year's event yet.)   While the Auction is not till February, the RMRP is accepting donations of auction items NOW. 

Wildlife art seems to do very well at this event.  So, I am putting out the word to this talented community.  The RMRP is looking for WILDLIFE art and crafts.  Remember, this is NOT a furry event, so anthropomorphic pieces are not recommended.  Also, non-raptor art seems to do better (which is strange, as this is a raptor event).  

For example, when I worked the Auction last year, I saw an nicely done photo of two fox kits receive a high number of bids.  Knitted blankets, beaded jewelry, books, and sporting tickets were just a handful of other items up for bids.

If you are interested in donating, you can go to , comment here or PM me for details. 

Thanks for caring!
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