relax_mammal (relax_mammal) wrote in colofurs,

Seeking a roomie

Hay Colofurs! How're you all doing today?

My roommates have moved out and I have this biiig townhouse all to myself and my one roommate, and I thought it would be cool if I could find a roommate who shares my interest in the fandom. I'm a 21-year-old lesbian and a student at UCD. The townhouse is in Aurora (Hampden and Chambers), with close access to amenities and RTD and all that jazz. It's a decent neighborhood, safe, quiet but with a bunch of kids around. It'll be available after Christmas.

Your half of the rent would be $450, unless we get another roommate and then it'll be $300. We're working on getting it furnished (we're notably lacking decent couches and a kitchen table, lol) and your room will not be furnished, but you can fix it up to your liking - even paint it, as long as we okay the color with our super-chill landlord. You'd have your own bathroom downstairs or you could share ours, whatever, and access to anywhere in the house, obviously.

We have a super-sweet dog (border collie / cattle dog mix), a couple of friendly kitties and a dorky ferret. We'd welcome cats and other small animals but our dog is pretty alpha and we're not sure how another dog would work out, but we could have a doggie date and see, I guess. We're clean, laid-back, respectful artists and intellectuals, not big partiers.

Hit me up if you're interested! :3

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