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20 entries back

Date:2009-06-27 21:59
Mood: amused

Hello again fellow furs and therians!

I still haven't had a chance to meet up with many of you, or touch base with those of you I used to spend time with when I lived in the Springs.

Nowadays I reside in Littleton (southern suburbs of Denver) with the possibility of moving into Englewood (just a lil further north.)

I work full-time, Thursdays-Mondays from noon until 8:30pm. Part of my problem is that I have no transportation to wherever the meets are right now.

I was thinking of organizing some kind of movie night, along the lines of the ones that used to be held semi-weekly in some of the furs' apartment in the Springs.

Right now it's just the planning stages, but I need to know how many people would be interested in coming if I can manage to get this together. It would have to be on a weeknight, and not too late, because both my mate and I work quite a bit.

I want to start small and then work our way up to maybe something a lil bigger.

Any ideas?

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Date:2009-05-15 11:28
Subject:Blue Heaven Anime Shop & Boba Cafe, the new furry friendly hangout!

Blue Heaven is the new sanctuary for Furry folk, Anime fans, Cosplay aficionados, and Boba Addicts alike.

The shop comes furnished with Internal and Patio Seating, and supplies the customers with Board Games and Constant Anime Showings.

Anime is $10.00 a disc. We are the only legitimate ANIMENIACS retailer in the state.

Boba is $3.75 a cup, and comes in Rainboba or Noirboba. We carry over 30 Flavors of Tea, Milktea, Milk Coffee, and Frost Boba.

Come dressed in full fur suit cosplay and get your picture added to the wall of fame!

We are also a proud sponsor of GemuCon: The Quarterly Gaming and Anime Convention.

Open Wednesday-Sunday 10:00am-8:00pm.

9635 W. Colfax Ave.
Lakewood, CO


Hope to see ya all there!

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Date:2009-04-08 10:46
Subject:Groceries help raptors

  • SHOP AT ALBERTSONS. Call us for a Community Partner’s Card and 4% goes to RMRP!

Do you shop at Albertsons?  Do you want to help out the Rocky Mountain Raptor Program?  Then I have the thing for you.

I  was able to acquire a handful of these cards.  They are actually small key tags. You scan the tag when checking out. 

Contact me if you would want one of these key tags.  I can bring them to meets or mail them out.

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Date:2009-04-01 21:14

Hello, joined this group a little under a month ago...finally decided it's time to post an introduction.

So, I have no clue of where to start, so I guess it's fair to start with anything.

I am a furry, not just interested in the fandom but rather a real furry. Sucked in by my friends.
A little under 9 months ago I think it was I found a furry website known as Chakats Den when i figured out my friends were furries. Long story short I became motivated to write on this universe and ended up writing a few now-(web)published pieces for them.

Other than that I cant think of anything else to say, if you're big on reading my work is listed under G.F.D. on http://www.chakatsden.com/chakat/FT-index.html

if you cant find it on the list here are the two stories i have done...more to come!

Both stories deal with war...it seems that is the only thing i can write....
More info about me here? http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sooprazn/

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Date:2009-03-24 14:47
Subject:Seekin' an artist-type person
Mood: optimistic

So it's been... like over a year since I've posted anything here. Hm. Should I do a reintroduction? Sure!

I'm Moonbyrn (duh). I go by Moonie, mostly. I am an artist and stuff. Though, the last time I posted I lived in Colorado Springs, but now I live with my boyfriend up in Denver (like Stapleton). You can see my art here: moonbyrn.artspots.com/ and www.furaffinity.net/user/moonbyrn/

I post because I'm looking for a fellow artist to collaborate with me/assist me in making a comic and possibly helping me with commissions. I'm looking for someone who isn't afraid to draw anything (except for maybe the more freakier fetishes in the furry fandom). My comic is a darker one, also has a lot of human characters. I'm also overhauling it to make it better, so I need someone to pitch ideas with me. Yeah, you'll get credit and stuff... like I said, collaborating with me. I'm thinking of making this a webcomic, to avoid publishing, so if you know coding and web design stuff, that'd be cool, too. As far as commissions go, I get paid to draw porn, mostly. It's not too extreme (actually kinda tame as far as furry porn goes) but I'd like someone to maybe help me out if I get stuck. Or, hey, we could make our own themed portfolios. I'm looking to kinda... make an art "team" I guess.

Maybe we could even go to cons together, get a table and make money that way as well. Oh, man, then our "team" would need a name!

Desired candidate must be open minded, knowledgeable of art stuff, mellow (quirky is okay, too, just look at me!) and can draw many subjects and situations well. Damn, I sounded fancy. I don't mind sharing my supplies, so as long as you don't snatch them. Oh, and it'd be highly desireable if you had your own ride to places. I'm the kinda gal who gradually warms up to people and I have a huge personal space bubble. Like, I mean, I won't invite you to my house to work right away. I won't go to your house. I will not give you rides places. Just that whole "I met you over the internet" thing. Ya know what I mean? We can meet up at coffee shops and book stores at first.

I'm not looking to meet up everyday to work, just during the week in the afternoon. Prolly Tuesdays-Thursdays and maybe Fridays, like 2 PM til 7PM.

I thought about slapping this up on FA, but I don't want to work over the internet. I need to do some things in person.

Email me at moonbyrn@gmail.com if you're interested-n-stuff.

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Date:2009-03-16 21:16
Subject:Introduction & Possible Mini-Meet Ideas~

Hello~ I'm really glad I found this community, I've been yerning to find a place where I can get information on meets and stuff, heh. Glad to be able to be a part of this~

Anyway, just thought I'd introduce myself a bit, I'm normally very shy, so...this may be short and awkward. *hides*

My real name is Rachel, but my alias/character name is Ratt. =) My home base is Parker, Colorado. I enjoy anime and manga as much as I do this fandom, but the artistic portion of the fandom is what I enjoy most. I also like fursuiting~ Since I'm a cosplayer normally, its just an awsome excuse to make intricate, more interesting and fun costumes. *is hit* Hopefully one day I'll get the guts to make my personal fursona's suit, though, as I'd really like to make/get it at one point in my life~

I do own one fursuit I made myself (its cosplay related however, havn't done an original one yet), just finished it, and will be debuting it at Anime Wasabi in two weeks~

Hm....yes, art~ I enjoy drawing a lot. I do a lot more quad styles then anthro, since I'm no good at anatomy, heh. Here, have some art links!

You can hound me on deviantART - http://rosiel-kun.deviantart.com/

Or on FA - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kageookami/

Although I'm on deviantART more. *shrugs*

So yes, that's me, I guess. As far as jumping right into the meets, I really wanted to take my fursuit out for a public spin, as well as being able to meet other fursuiters to have a general good time and take pictures. I'm not that social normally, but my girlfriend is making me get out more often. XD

Anyway, some of you may or may not know, that the anime convention AnimelandWasabi is coming up in two weeks. Would any fursuiters who happen to be going like to meet there for a little informal photoshoot and maybe lunch or something? I hung out with quite a few fursuiters last year at the con, and I'd love to see you guys again while I'm suiting myself!

I also would love to try to put together a meet somewhere in Wash. Park, or maybe even the Denver Zoo, at one point. =) That would of course be later on in the year, or hey, if someone wants to meet before the convention, that would be sweet, too~

That's all I can say, I guess. =o I didn't expect to type this much! I look forward to posting more, and hopefully meeting some of you in the future!


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Date:2009-02-24 08:01
Subject:A Very Bored Dacks
Mood: bored

I am a New Yorker through and through.
I'm not from the "City", but most NY'ers are the same. We are fowled mouth, in your face type of people. If we have something to say. Be assured we'll say it. If its towards some one. Its usually with out tact. We are good people and we will help everyone, even if we don't like the person. However, crossing us is a very bad idea...
Most of us are very full of ourselves and we let everyone know how great we are. Even if its a lowed of mellarky. =)

I've been living in the Boulder area for almost a year. I have done very little and seen almost nothing of this state. I was told before coming out here, how great it is and how much there is to do. I have yet to experience much of anything that would put Colorado on my top 10 places that I've been list... and I haven't been to very many places.
I wana get out and do things, but I don't like to by myself. Plus I'm not sure where anything is. When I'm not working, I'm always ready to adventure out. So get a hold of me if you want to go out and do things.

Everyday Interests:
Being Naked,
Being Naughty,
Pawing Off,
Showering with people,
Watching Movies,
Chatting with firends

General Interests:
Building armour,
Decorating for the holidays,
Dungeons and Dragons,
Hanging with friends,
Hide and Seek,
Hot Tubing,
Ice Skating,
Lifting Weights,
Magic the Gathering,
Paint Ball,
Snow Boarding,
Playing Strip Games (like strip Rock Band),
Truth or Dare,
World of Warcraft,

Hip Hop,
D&D Hardcore,

Top 10:
Independence Day,
Shaun of the Dead,
Star Trek: First Contact,
Hot Fuzz,
Ice Age,
Finding Nemo,
The Incredibles,
Lord of the Rings Two Towers,
How The Grinch Stole Christmas(Live Action)

I don't watch a lot of TV. When I do it's to watch
Adultswim (Family Guy, The Boondocks, and Sin-Chan).
I have to admit, I do watch WWE Raw....
The Simpsons,
Star Trek TNG,
Burn Notice,
Family Guy,

Country Music,
Know it alls,
Judgmental people,

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Date:2009-02-16 10:14
Subject:Looking for a Roommate? :P
Mood: thoughtful

Hey there, I have crossposted this a couple other places, but I am trying my luck everywhere I can :)

Cassie here. Or I go by Strill, however you know me.

I'm just posting this on the offchance that someone out there
MIGHT be looking for a roommate either this month or next. My current
lease expires at the end of March, although I have to know by the end
of this month whether or not I will be renewing my lease here.. which
I will have to if I can't find another place.

I was looking for somewhere along the Aurora to Boulder area (not
really that picky, since I could be able to transfer my job. And I
would LOVE to move down to Aurora since that's where the cool cats
are, I hear ;)

I am looking for somewhere in the price range of up to $300-400 for my
share of rent/utilities, as well as a place that allows dogs. I have
one dog, a small cattledog mix who gets along with other people and
animals rather well. She is house and crate trained and does
perfectly in small space as well as backyards.

I myself can be neat, I am always on time with my rent, and as long as
I have space for my art supplies, I can keep everything in my own
space ;) I am a 22 year old female and extremely easy to get along with.

If anyone has space/room for rent, PLEASE try to let me know, or we
can meet up for coffee so's I can prove I'm not a complete psychopath
:P Or if you have any questions feel free to email me at

Also, if you need references for my sanity and whatnot, I hang out
with some of the aurora furs a lot. Could ask some of those regulars
that attend the Aurora Furs thing at the Village Inn :)

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Date:2009-01-24 13:42
Subject:Looking for Aurora to Fo Co Ride
Mood: hopeful

I believe we have a ride TO AuroraFurs tonight.  However, we do not have a ride BACK to Ft. Collins.

We need a ride from Aurora or Denver to Ft. Collins.  Must be in Ft. Collins by 9am Sunday.  Gas money will be offered.

Contact Anya by texting her cell phoneCollapse ) (texts only.  Do Not share this number, please)

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Date:2009-01-08 11:25
Subject:Creativity Night Idea

Hey all!

I came up with an idea for a new event, though I'm still trying to determine a time for it. I thought I'd throw this out here, get the collection of critiques and any interest in the group. Basically it's a night where any fur with a talent in any area could be used. As some of you know, I am always coming up with ideas, stories, television shows, comic books, etc which in their excited endeavor are things that I wouldn't be able to pull off by myself. I'm sure many of you guys felt the same way. So I came up with an idea where those of us with these creative impulses get together and work on bringing our ideas to life. I'm mainly thinking on the aspect of all-around media, like individual television shows or movies, which is where the main aspect would be. I would like for us to collaborate on an independent film or tv series, or even multiples of them from many ideas! Think about it, out of the Colofurs, we have writers, musicians, artists, editors, media-experts, makeup artists, costumers, computer wizards, actors, and all-around-idealist s who can prove essential to make a night like this turn into something. I want to create a night where everyone can bring something to the table, everyone can have equal input and their own voice. With the right talents combined there's no end to what we can do.

I make this idea with the intent on hosting it at the Wolf'n Deer Den out here in Firestone off of I25. We have plenty of elbow room for something like this. Though the only catch is, unless this is held on a weekend night, we would have to hold it so that Painless and I can get to bed by 8 or so for work in the morning. If anyone has anything they want to add into this, or any suggestions to a day/time or any other location please let me know. Once we can get some grounds established I can create a calendar entry for it. You guys can feel free to respond here, but it might be best to just email me back directly.

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Date:2009-01-06 12:40
Subject:Carlsbad Caverns: A Tail of a Cavern
Mood: busy

Hey all!

Once again, its time for the annual Carlsbad trip to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico! Time for some fancy fun and free frolicking in the fabulous frenzy of a marvelous cave. Wow a lot of adjectives there. Long phrase short: Some good times'll be had!

If you have any questions, not answered in the email feel free to email us, we'd like an RSVP for the festivities but I know that plans can change, so unless you're sure you can go it's not required.
Our emails are painlesswolf@yahoo.com or grifter_wolf@yahoo.com

The features of our trip include:
The Ocatillo Inn: Our traditional stay-over during our trip, as of last year, they were rennovating the place so it should be still nice and sparkly new!

White's City: A tourist trappy area with a deal of shops dressed in Native American and cave-related novelties

The Desert Zoo: A small concrete zoo, remnicient to the public walking areas of Jurassic Park with a great deal of desert beasties, including bugs, elk, deer (with a turkey living with them) birdies and of course desert wolves. http://www.carlsbadnm.com/mhayes/zoo.htm

And of COURSE the Coup de grace (sp, I'm horrible with French) Carlsbad Caverns: A huge cave system with paved trails that drop into the bowels of the Earth in a path that goes down over 700 feet and the on-the-trail roundabout ends up with a few miles of cave coddling sight seeing. There are even optional off-the-trail tours that can be taken at your leisure, though if you do not sign up for them on their website, you may or may not get a spot on these small, couple of times daily groups. Favorites include Left Hand Tunnel, the Hall of the White Giants and the King's Cavern. Also as of last year they have rennovated their gift shop visitor's center, we're looking forward to seeing it! http://www.nps.gov/cave/

Various town conviences include a Super Walmart, and local eateries that would just make the trip complete.
Supplies You'll Need:
*Hiking shoes for long walks, and treading for easy up and downhill climbs.
*Flashlights and Batteries (though both can be attained at Walmart)
*Cool-air wear. Autumn ensembles should be encouraged since the caverns are cool and around 50 degrees constant tempuratures, but shorts or short sleeve shirts are fine, though jackets are urged.
*Sunblock or hats. Carlsbad is a desert town, and during our visit, which will be in April, the tempuratures and heat can hurt, especially if you have sensitive skin., with that in mind, sunglasses would also be highly advisable.
*At least 3 changes of clothes, though confident as you may be with your bodily odor should you have any, its always good to have a few changes of clothes as some of these locations you WILL get dirty and need a shower and a change
These are dates according to Painless and my schedules down there, you can arrive earlier or stay later if you'd like of course, but it'd be good to set out on the same weekend :)

Wednesday, April 15th "Official" departure - Painless and I will be heading out shortly after work, around 4pm from our place. If you're interested in caravaning, let us know so we can give you the location if you don't already have it. We will drive pretty much straight through and arrive around midnight or so.

Thursday, April 16th - Our initial trip to Carlsbad Caverns we usually try to get out around 10am after a stop at the hotel's continental breakfast bar. Cavern admission tickets are good for 3 days, so take advantage of them!

Friday, April 17th - Optional second trip to the Caverns, usually at a slower pace we also use this day to set up any last minute cavern tours for the off-the-trail tours or take any that are available. Also if keeping with tradition, its a Furry raid on Walmart. In the past they've ranged from dinner snacks and DVDs to just wandering the aisles aimlessly and playing with various toys found :)

Saturday, April 18th - Optional final trip to the Caverns for any tours signed up for, and any last runs down the caverns as it is the last day of the ticket validity. A break for any naps and a traditional furry dinner, if things look good, we'll head back for the evening Bat Flight at the Carlsbad Amitheater. Nothing beats watching thousands of bats spiraling from the Carlsbad Cave entrance except maybe the cave itself :)

Sunday, April 19th - Breakfast then a trip to the Carlsbad Desert Zoo for a few hours of wandering the paved trails and enjoying the almost enamorous plethera of desert life. After the zoo trip is over, Painless and I will be heading out, if any wish to follow we will be taking the roads across the state toward Albuquerque, NM from there we plan to jump across the near state line to the Petrified National Forest to a quick visit. From there we will either make our way to the Great Sand Dunes and crash for the night.

Monday, April 20th - After a long trip we will be back in Colorado and begin resting for our exploits next year with new memories and new thrills to share with everyone :)

"Let the Beast Rise from Within"

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Date:2008-12-09 11:12
Subject:Furry in Colorado

Tired of all the drama at the Yahoo group Colofurs?

There is an alternative!  The newer Yahoo group, Furry In Colorado , aka FurryCO.  This group is moderated.  This is done to avoid flame wars and bickering among members.

Date:2008-10-04 14:09

Ok Denver, it's official.

I have my work schedule set in stone (at least til I get promoted)...

AND I still live out in Littleton.

But my work schedule is now Wednesday-Friday from 1pm to 10:30pm, and Sat-Sun from 11am to 10:30pm.

I have a cell if ya'll wanna try to set something up.

I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet some of the local color again. *grin*

Holla atcha later!

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Date:2008-06-28 01:09
Subject:Seems kinda quiet for the last few months
Mood: curious

Hey. Long time lurker. Been in a truck for the last few years, but I'm looking to come home permanently soon. Just trying to get a feel for what kind of "going's on" there are in the area. For what I see, it seems kinda quiet, or am I just blind? And although it might not be right to ask, are there any groups specific to the northern parts (Greeley, Ft. Collins, Loveland, ect)? I don't see any, but I'm not looking really hard right now. Thanks. Oh yeah, and Hi!

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Date:2008-05-20 03:29
Subject:Question from another community
Mood: gassy

 I saw this post in the "fursuitlounge" community and figured I'd post it here to see if anyone could answer it.  Anyone with information could post it in



 Anyone know this suit...?
in fursuitlounge
by who we are (switchfizzle)
at May 20th, 2008 (12:47 am)
current mood: :D
I was walking down Pearl Street in Boulder, CO tonight, and saw a full-body fursuiter out and about.  I was wondering if anyone knew the suit or suit-er, because I didn't get to stop and tell them how -awesome- it was to see someone so... brave about it!

Best description I can offer is that is was a black wolf-type suit, with a gray tail, and a blue tuft of hair between the ears.  I believe it was all black, no white spots.

Very cool!

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Date:2008-05-18 14:40
Subject:Seeking Musicians/Singers for Christian Fur Fellowship

X-Posted to the forum, group, and LJ.

Hey everyone,

I'm leading the Christian Fur Fellowship Sunday at 10am in Panel Room A, and I'm looking for a couple of musicians and/or singers to play some worship music with me. If you sing, or if you play guitar, hand drum (bongos, djembe, etc.), or electronic keyboard, please get in touch with me. I'd like to have at least one rehearsal of all 5 or so songs I have picked out before the panel.

Call me at (303) 829-4538 if you're interested in sharing your musical talents to glorify the Lord. =3~


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Date:2008-05-15 17:29
Subject:RMFC Talent Show Meet

WHAT: RMFC Talent Show Meet

WHERE: Atlanta Bread Company
       Lakewood City Commons 
       7740 West Alameda Avenue
       Unit E
       Lakewood, Colorado 80226
       Phone: 303-991-4400

WHEN: Saturday, May 15th, from 2pm till 3pm

WHO: Anya Silverfur (talent show director) hosting this meet

De-tails: Want to participate in the Rocky Mountain Fur Con Talent Show?  Then come to this meet (if you can), please.      

This meet will be a brainstorming session.  We will discuss possible acts and the who's and what's of the show.  Attendance at this meet is not required to be in the show, but it'll help me out if you do attend.

Any questions can be directed to the e-mail address of: RMFC.Talent.Show@gmail.com

*triple tail wags*
Anya Silverfur

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Date:2008-05-02 22:01

Hey folks!

I have a proposition:

Does anyone have a fun partial suit (head, paws, tail) that they'd allow me to borrow for RMFC '08? I'm making one but I'm afraid mine won't be done in time and I'd love to go in costume this year. If you are out of state I would of course pay shipping and return as soon as the con is over.

In return I'd be willing to do an art trade! Here are a few examples of my art. I'd be willing to do a few sketches or a traditional-media coloured piece, the amount, subject matter and style can be negotiated. ^.^ Let me know!



More examples! (Some NSFW)Collapse )

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Date:2008-04-15 20:51
Subject:RMFC Talent Show Act Submissions
Mood: hopeful

Rocky Mountain Fur Con is just around the corner!  The theme this year is “The Urban Wilderness”


This year, I have the pleasure of Directing the Masquerade / Talent Show.  To do it right though, I need performance acts!  This is your chance to get up on stage before your fellow furs and show what you’ve got!  We are looking for all kinds of acts. 


There are a few guidelines, in regards to act submissions:

  1. Keep  your act to around 3 minutes in length.
  2. There should be at least one fursuit (partial or full suit) in the act.
  3. Remember, PG-13 con!!  No curse words, no nudity, so on…

            We want to entertain, not offend.


To participate in the talent show, you MUST come to the rehearsal the morning before the show.  Again, attendance at the rehearsal is MANDATORY.


If your act has music or sound effects, please have the song on a cd-r, clearly marked with the name of your act and your furry name.  Make sure it is the only thing on that CD.  (This will make cuing it up much easier.) 



To submit your act, please send the following information to this e-mail address: rmfc.talent.show@gmail.com


- The name of the act

-  Your furry name

- A short description of what you will be doing for your act, including info about any CD’s being used with the act.

Any questions may be directed to the same e-mail.


Hope to see some of you there!

Anya Silverfur, the directing kitsune

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Date:2008-04-05 10:17
Subject:Dog on Sheep

Dog on Sheep

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